Mister BOARDWALK® "Roll Out" and "Flex" products are UNIQUE.
This patented construction uses NO NAILS or SCREWS! Instead, horizontal holes are drilled through the slat material. Then, NYLON CORD or STAINLESS STEEL ROD passes through the holes to assemble the product.

"Roll Out"
Assembled with Nylon Cord


Assembled with Stainless Steel Rod

Products assembled with NYLON CORD generally ROLL OUT (or ROLL UP) for easy installation & removal, so we call this "ROLL OUT" Construction.   Products assembled with STAINLESS STEEL RODS are shipped in semi-rigid sections that flex in all directions, contouring to almost any surface, even turning slightly to the left or right for curves. The sections quickly & easily bolt together. We call this "Flex" Construction.

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Patent 5,282,692